Make It Extra Special

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The LyriGift Experience

Gifting a custom song is a truly emotional experience for all involved. It's a completely one-of-a-kind gift that's guaranteed to make your loved one feel like the special person they are.

Amp up the special moment with one of these add ons!
Upload to streaming services

We will upload your special song to all of the major streaming services for just £10. This makes it incredibly easy to share with loved ones and add it to your favourite playlists for easy listening!

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A Lyric Video with or without pictures!

Posted to our LyriGift YouTube channel for easy watching and sharing! A simple Lyric Video costs £10, or £20 if you select Lyric Video With Pictures at checkout. You'll have the option to upload lots of pictures and videos that you would like while waiting for your song to be completed. You'll be able to do this when in your account under 'My Songs' and then clicking on the 'My Images/Videos' - it's quick and easy!

5 downloadable and printable Lyric Sheets!

Sent to you via email, our Lyric sheets cost only £5 for 5 different styles so you can pick your favourite! You can keep these just on your phone or device and they're perfect quality for printing. You could print it and have it framed, making it a beautiful handheld gift to go along with your loved ones song.

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